A World of Adventure

Garweeze Wurld is a fantastic land filled with danger, magic, creatures, and more wealth than can possibly be imagined. However, great evil plagues the realm – marauding bands of orcs, vicious tribes of goblins, amassing hordes of giants, and other more terrible things lurk in the dark corners. Only a few have what it takes to stand up to the darkness, to spit in the face of adversity and declare “No more!”.

You are counted among those precious few.


This is a HackMaster Basic campaign, starting at 1st level. We’ll be using the MapTools application for presence management in both the battle map arena as well as the position in the larger world. Garweeze Wurld is a rich fantasy setting with much to offer; explore and enjoy the many splendors of this varied campaign setting!

HackMaster Basic Campaign

WeirdDave Hmlogo Spoonbridge Akulas